A Sunday Drive & Our Last Beach Day

Bon Secour River

Bon Secour River, notice the shore?

Oyster shells. The shore is covered in them.

Oyster shells. The shore is covered in them.


“Let’s go for a drive.”

Bon Secour River

We hadn’t visited the tiny village of Bon Secour yet so off the 3 of us went. We opted to take the back roads. The map showed one of them ending at the Bon Secour River. On the way we passed several pecan farms, a cotton field whose bolls had burst open with balls of white fluff & a few other RV parks that we just had to investigate. But the best surprise awaited us at the end of road.

IMG_0147          IMG_0146

IMG_0143          IMG_0137

With it being a Sunday we found all of the fishing boats moored to their piers. I couldn’t resist getting out of the truck to walk around & take photos of them. While watching a Brown Pelican glide just above the brackish water, a fin appears & catches my eye. Don & I enjoyed watching a dolphin pod feed on fish just a couple of feet in front of us. What a thrill that was!

I was so enthralled observing the dolphins that I nearly forgot to get a picture.

I was so enthralled observing the dolphins that I nearly forgot to get a picture.

Another thing that caught my attention was the ground we stood on. Oyster shells. Tons of them. There were even piles of them next to the fish houses. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it. How did they all get there? There wasn’t a soul around to ask.

Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay

Perdidio Key Beach

Perdidio Key Beach


Looks like the pleasant weather we’ve been enjoying is about to take a turn. This will be our last warm sunny day for awhile. Tomorrow a cold north wind is expected to blow in leaving us with frigid temps for the next 2-3 days. More moderate temperatures will follow but rain will frequently be in the forecast. We will be heading north soon to feast on turkey with our family & make the rounds to our doctors. Upon our return to Summerdale, we’ll be preparing to leave Bama & head for the Sunshine State.


So with that in mind we opt to spend our last good day at the beach soaking up the rays. We never tire of it. The warmth from the sun, the sound of the surf as it breaks upon the shore, the occasional laugh of a gull. It’s a good thing we don’t live next to the sea, we’d never get anything done.

IMG_0175          IMG_0191

IMG_0211          IMG_0205

IMG_0215          IMG_0173




The sky has had interesting clouds all day. We decide to linger until sunset expecting it to be glorious. We aren’t disappointed.

Sunset on the Gulf

Sunset on the Gulf

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………….

The sky to our backs.

The sky to our backs.

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One thought on “A Sunday Drive & Our Last Beach Day

  1. Absolutely beautiful! You sure have an eye for photography Gayle…..I so enjoy your post and look forward to new ones!

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