Blue Moons, Fudshuckers & Oysters

The Mournings new MH

The Mournings new MH

Early last week Don received a message via Facebook  from Ginger telling him that she & husband Greg had just bought a used Mirada Coachman MH & were heading to Fort Walton Beach, Florida on Sunday for its maiden voyage. Don immediately made plans with Ginger to contact him when they arrived so we could all plan a visit. It had been back when Don had his knee replacement surgery since we’d last seen Greg & even longer since we’d seen Ginger.

Ginger & Emily

Ginger, Emily & Tucker

We first met Ginger back in 1988 when we were transferred from the Detroit Diesel Allison warehouse in Wayne, Michigan to Allison Transmission’s parts plant in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ginger was already employed as a salaried clerk for Allison’s. She had been there since ’81. I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know Ginger well before I transferred into another department at the main plant. Don on the other hand went on to become a salaried supervisor, working closely with Ginger for several years & getting to know her well. A friendship was forged & the two stayed in touch periodically even after Ginger moved on to another job outside of Allison & Don moved onto other positions & other plants. Eventually Don came to be an area manager under the wing of Greg Mourning. Don & Greg came to view each other as more than boss & employee & became good friends. Moving on, a few more years down the road, I return to the PDC. A new Parts Distribution Center is built nearer to the airport & more salaried employees are hired.  The PDC was looking to hire an Order Entry Administrator, ……enter Ginger again. It was while working here that Ginger met & married Greg. That’s our combined history in a nutshell.

Emily, Sarah, Ginger, Don & Greg

Emily, Sarah, Ginger,
Don & Greg

We were both looking forward to the visit but particularly so, was Don. Yesterday morning we made the 79 mile drive to Destin RV West in Fort Walton Beach.  It was a beautiful warm, sunny, Florida Fall day as we all sat out under the palm trees & enjoyed a nice long visit. Having known each other for all those years, sharing experiences in & outside of work, & having so many friends & coworkers in common, we never had a lull in the conversation. Greg’s pretty daughters Sarah & Emily were both along for the  trip, soaking up rays while on Fall break. It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago they were just babies & now here they are already 12 & 14 years old.

Ginger & Greg treated us to a delicious lunch of pizza, Blue Moons & oysters at Fudshuckers on the Intercoastal Waterway. The conversation continued long after the food & drinks were finished. Even though we’d spent all day together it seemed too soon when the time came for us to leave. We still had a 2 hour drive back ahead of us. With hugs all around & promises to meet up again in the future, we said our goodbyes.

Old buddies

Old buddies

We left with the distinct impression that Greg has been bitten by the full time rving bug. Seems his lovely wife is on board with that. Unfortunately Greg is still a part of the rat race with a few more years to go before retirement. But don’t discourage you two, there’s plenty of things still to accomplish while preparing for the gypsy lifestyle. Before you know it,  you’ll be good to go.

I didn’t take as many photos as I would’ve like to. My camera appears to be on the fritz. I suspect too much beach sand has gotten into the mechanisms & it needs to be cleaned. Thursday will be spent searching for a reliable camera shop in the vicinity.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………..

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One thought on “Blue Moons, Fudshuckers & Oysters

  1. What a sweet story! So glad you had a nice visit. Can’t wait to get to Florida for some of that yummy seafood……I do love oysters and Blue Moon!

    That sure looked like a nice RV park….will have to check it out next month!

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