Tropical Storm or Hurricane

  IMG_9778“Got my toes in the water, my ass in the sand,

  Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand, IMG_9785

  Life is good today. Life is good today.”

Tropical storm Karen out in the Gulf. Weatherman says 4-7′ waves are rolling in. I packed the beach bag. Don grabbed the beach chairs & off we went. Orange Beach here we come!

No matter how moody the ocean, it’s still beautiful to us.

We spent the first half of our day at the ocean. I love to sit in my beach chair right at the water’s edge. I wait for the waves to roll up on me. I get wet. I laugh. I love it. I sweet talk Don into joining me but he doesn’t stay long. He complains of getting sand into body crevices where sand just doesn’t belong. The big sissy. He moves his chair back further, away from the water.



Waiting on Karen

Waiting on Karen

IMG_9796 IMG_9797 IMG_9792 IMG_9775

Knowing we can’t stay gone too much longer since Tucker is at the Suite Pea waiting for us. We pack up & decide to grab a late lunch at LuLu’s, which is on our way back, We’re Parrotheads. That comes as no surprise to the people who know us. Anything we come across in our travels that is Jimmy Buffett related, we check it out. How much more “related” can you get than a sister? A crazy sista. Yep, those are Lulu’s very own words.

IMG_9799          IMG_9803

IMG_9809          IMG_9810

The restaurant does have the typical tropical look & feel that one comes to expect when dining near the coast but it also has a whimsical beach play area……for adults. How fun is that?

IMG_9816 IMG_9814 IMG_9801 IMG_9802

We’re given a table right on the Intercoastal Waterway where we enjoy watching the boats cruise past while sipping on an Island Mango Colada (me) & a Landshark beer (Don)  & waiting on our order to arrive. I talk Don into trying the fried green tomato appetizer. I love fried green tomatoes. Don has never tried them. He says I eat strange things. I reply that since he likes fried pickles, he’ll like these. (Fried pickles are another food he found he liked because of me.) And guess what, he does, very much so.


For our entrée we feast upon the Big Fry Seafood Basket for 2. It includes shrimp, oysters, blackened fish, crab claws, jalapeno hushpuppies, slaw & fries. The food was delicious & way too much for just the 2 of us to eat. Good food, great atmosphere, a winning combination.


We did take a minute to visit the gift shop. A shirt caught our eye, we agree it’s an ideal tee for my mother. We’ve never seen one more fitting. With our purchase in hand we make our way back to camp.

The shirt we purchased & just for the record, my mother has one.

The shirt we purchased & just for the record, my mother has one.

We have no definitive answer yet as to what is headed our way. Everyone in the park is taking a wait & see attitude before making a decision, Do we go or do we stay?

Hurricane specialists are unsure what path Karen will be taking. Depending on where she comes ashore will determine how much of an impact we will get at Rainbow Plantation.  Currently the whole of Alabama’s coastline is under a hurricane watch. We are anticipating winds of 45-75 mph with a deluge of rain. Storm surge is also likely. Since we’re approximately 15 miles north of the beaches we’re not expecting any issues due to the surge.

Don has packed away all of the items we had setting outside the rig. The awning has been retracted. Black & gray tanks are empty. Fresh water tank is filled. A full tank of diesel is in the truck. I check constantly for weather updates both on tv & online. We can have the interior packed up in under a half hour, the rig hitched & rolling out in another half. So we wait………and observe.

IMG_9798   Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………….

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2 thoughts on “Tropical Storm or Hurricane

  1. Well, my mouth is watering! I went to Lulus several years ago with my daughter and her friend and friends mom. What a neat place! Even with the storm and gray Sykes, the beach is beautiful! We are headed to Freeport ( Destin area) for November. I can hardly wait to get my toes in the sand!

    I haven’t watched the weather…hope you could ride out the storm……

    P.S. I loved the picture of Tucker and the driftwood from the previous post….so cute!

    • As you probably know by now, the threat has passed. Yeah!!! Will you be wintering in Freeport? Don & I are heading into Florida the first week of Dec. We are wintering there this year. We will be making a few stops prior to our 3 month layover in North Fort Meyers. Safe travels.

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