We Experience the Highs & Lows of Life on the Road


It was one of those slow days.  We had a steady rain throughout most of the day so after we breakfasted on burritos  I made following my father’s recipe, we went into town to pick up a few groceries to tide us over until we reach our final destination in Alabama. Once those were put away, Don spent the remainder of Saturday switching back & forth between golf & college football games while I worked on my photo album. Of course all that strenuous activity caused us to nap a little too. Gotta keep up our strength you know. We Face Timed with our granddaughter Gabby this morning. It’s her 6th birthday today. We love being able to see our grandchildren when talking to them. This new technology is a wonderful thing for the full time rving grandparent.


The first day of Fall & our last full day at Raccoon Valley RV Park. In between Detroit Tiger Baseball & Indianapolis Colts Football Don started dismantling camp & I tackled the laundry. We intend to get an early start in the morning. Alabama here we come!


After 6 hours on the road including a lunch stop at a rest area, we arrive in Clanton, Alabama, our stop for the night. Originally we intended to make this a one night stay but ‘Ol Bessie had other plans. While driving into town to find a diner for dinner the truck started running differently. Don found a place to pull over to inspect under the hood. He determined it was the radiator. (Didn’t we just have this same scenario only last month?) While Don was on the phone calling our Good Sam Roadside Service, I was accessing the internet to locate the nearest Ford Service Department. It’s too late in the day for the service department to be open so we decide to have the old gal towed into the shop tomorrow morning. We’re becoming very disgusted with our Ford truck. It has less than 42,000 miles on it & we have all the maintenance check ups, etc., done promptly as our owners manual advises. At this point in time I don’t see another Ford product in our future. So we are presently parked at a KOA just off the interstate (read that as lots of interstate traffic noise). We’re not  fans of KOA’s. All of the ones we have visited in the past have been rundown & overpriced. This one is in better condition & cheaper than the ones we’ve stayed in before but it’s still overpriced by our standards. QUE SERA SERA


We’ve extended our stay for another 2 nights. Truck was towed to the shop this morning & Don went along for the ride so he could bring a loaner car back with him. After sitting on pins & needles most of the day, we got the call from Bill in the service department. The old gals’ radiator blew & 2 of the hoses collapsed from the heat as well. Repair cost, $1560. Add the cost of last month’s’ repair work of $600, total repair cost for a 1 month period, $2160. We’re also finding out that these issues we’ve experienced aren’t uncommon in Ford trucks. I guess our truck has taken us for a ride in more ways than one.

Ford says they can have her back to us sometime tomorrow. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that will be the case & we’ll be back on the road again Thursday morning.

People tell us we’re living the dream & we believe we are, but don’t think for a minute that this life doesn’t have its ups & downs like any other. It does. We just roll with the punches so we can continue to roll on down the road.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………………..

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3 thoughts on “We Experience the Highs & Lows of Life on the Road

  1. Amen sister. We had a few lows in July/August and finally decided “No problems for a week is a good week.” Its hard being away from all things familiar. Sounds like you are a good team and can deal with anything that comes your way! Safe travels and here’s to many uneventful weeks in your future.

    Ray and Deb

  2. When those kinds of issues appear, it sure changes ones attitude….but ever so briefly! I’ll take our life on the road and accept all it’s challenges. I hate you are having the inconvenience and added expense.

    • Yes Gay it is discouraging but certainly not enough for us to come off the road. Our faith in our truck & in Ford has been shattered though. We are GM people, this is the only vehicle we’ve ever owned that wasn’t a GM product. When we purchased our Mobile Suite, Don took the schematics to work with him at Allison Transmission & asked his engineers to recommend a pick-up truck that could safely handle our rig for full timing. At the time, GM didn’t build a truck that fit our needs so they told us to consider a Ford 450. I realize our truck is 5 yrs. old but this is its 3rd major repair since we purchased it & with less than 42,000 miles on it, we expected better performance & durability.Needless to say, when the time comes, we’ll be going back to our reliable General Motors products.Safe travels to you on your way to OK.

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