A Day of Leisure

The city of Knoxville

The city of Knoxville

We welcomed the thunderstorm last evening. It thankfully lowered the humid temperatures by 15 degrees. It’s nice having the AC off & all of Suite Pea’s windows open again to take advantage of a very gentle breeze.

Don & I took the opportunity to give Bessie a cleaning inside & out. While he waxed the old gal & cleaned the leather seats, I vacuumed the interior & gave Tucker’s riding area a once over. Getting Tucker’s snorkles off the rear windows was the worst of it. I swear he presses his nose against the glass & gives it a mighty snort. It’s a good feeling to have that chore finished.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon leisurely discussing our route options south this Fall & west next Spring. Toward evening Don got a call from RV’s for Less telling him the spare tire crank he’d ordered had come in. With directions plugged into our GPS we headed into Knoxville to pick it up. Knoxville is Tennessee’s 3rd largest city. It’s nestled into the Appalachian Mountains alongside the scenic Tennessee River.

Riverboat on the Tennessee River

Riverboat on the Tennessee River

RV’s for Less is a DRV dealership so Don & I toured the new Elite & Mobile Suites on the lot. We agreed that there wasn’t one we liked any better than our own 2008 36RSSB3 Mobile Suite. I wanted to look at some of the Heartland Landmarks as well since I had never seen their interiors before. A little too modern & ornate for my taste. Yep, think we’ll stick with our little Suite Pea.

At home we feasted on  pasta shrimp with fresh basil & homegrown tomatoes while watching our Detroit Tigers play the Kansas City Royals. It’s a rough life we’re living.

Here’s lookin ‘at you kid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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2 thoughts on “A Day of Leisure

  1. Life is good!

    What a nice day. I always love it when we see new RVs or MHs and still like the one we have better! You are so right about some being to ornate and modern. We haven’t been to Knoxville…sure looks pretty!

    • Gay, in all honesty, we’ve been to TN many times & I’d have to admit that Knoxville rates low on our list of places we love to visit when we’re in this state. Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro, & the Great Smoky Mtns. rate the highest, then the Gatlinburg area too but only in the Fall when most of the crowds have left.

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