Our First Visit to an Escapee Park


Don made an executive decision yesterday after leaving Indiana. Our original plan was a stopover in Kentucky for a few days to a week but upon reaching the town we had planned to set up camp in, Don decided to continue on to our Tennessee destination. So here we are in Raccoon Valley RV Park in Heiskell, Tennessee. Don’t blink! You’ll miss this place if you do. This town is so small, I couldn’t even find it listed in our Rand McNally Road Atlas. It fact the main section of town consists of 3 buildings, a combination market, liquor store & post office, a firehouse & a mechanics garage. Of course if you thrown in the truck stop & the rundown motel/apartments near the interstate, & a couple of area churches, you’d get a total of 7. And then there’s the quarry. Obviously this isn’t a  vacation destination. Our purpose for selecting this park was because it is an Escapee club facility. Don & have been members of the Escapee RV Club since 2007 but we’ve never visited any of our club parks. We decided it was time we did.  Escapees have 8 Rainbow Parks & several SKP parks scattered around the U.S. for members to utilize. This is one of the main 8. Escapees come here to enjoy the camaraderie of other Escapee members.

Suite Pea in site 47 at Raccoon Valley RV Park

Suite Pea in site 47 at Raccoon Valley RV Park

Raccoon Valley is one of Escapees smaller RV parks with only 64 full hookup sites & 4 overflow sites available. There’s an activity building (Escapees do love to socialize) that offers areas in which to visit, play cards/games, do crafts or have pot lucks. It even houses a library, take a book, leave a book, & a 24 hour laundry. Tucker likes the grassy pet walk area along the mountain stream & the fenced off-leash dog run. We like that there’s a hiking trail & a pool, especially on these hot, humid days.

IMG_9415               IMG_9421

IMG_9413               IMG_9412

A unique feature is the pre-1850’s Spring House situated near the stream.

Spring House

Spring House

We plan to stay here for 20 nights, taking advantage of the Stay & Play rate for members.  50 amp full hookup for what amounts to $15.10 per night. Can you say dirt cheap?

Don adds Tennessee to Suite Peas' U.S.A. map

Don adds Tennessee to Suite Peas’ U.S.A. map

This is a red letter day for Don. He may now add one more state to our Places We Have Traveled maps on both the Suite Pea & on our blog. This is a subject of contention between Don & I. He says my criteria for adding a state is too rigid. Don feels as we pass through a state he should be able to add it to the map. I on the other hand feel that one must stay in a state for a while, actually experiencing the state, before it qualifies for a place on our map. I asked Don if he wanted me to say that because I’m the boss, i get it my way OR because he’s afraid of me, I get my way. He said both would be correct. So there you have it.

IMG_9416               IMG_9414

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………

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One thought on “Our First Visit to an Escapee Park

  1. We looked into the Escapees Club. The info I got had restrictions on the number of dogs you could have…4 was over the limit. I wish the rules could be changed…our pups are really good pups! You sure cant beat that price!

    It’s funny you mentioned the map. Joe and I finally agreed that at least one night in a state was enough to add it to the map. We have passed thru many states that are not on the map.

    It’s great Tucker has a nice play to play! Enjoy!

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