First Day of August Already

We discovered a nice hiking/mountain biking trail next to the campground & took a short walk through to check it out. A nice path with a pond that is fed by a mountain stream at one end & flows into Lake Fanny Hooe at the other. The fragrance from the abundant variety of wildflowers permeated the air. Heavenly!

I strongly suggested to Don that he go golfing today without his driver as he was beginning to get on my last nerve. He is still adapting to retirement & has yet to learn he doesn’t need to be in constant motion. Actually he reminded me of when our daughters were young in the summertime with school still a ways off, they’d whine & complain that they were bored & “had nothing to do.” Get the picture?

I took advantage of the peace & quiet to blog, read, & to lay out our August budget.

This evening we elected to walk into town & dine at the Harbor Haus. The Harbor Haus offers authentic Austrian German cuisine & other delights with an expansive view of the harbor from all of the seating areas. The waitresses are dressed in Dirndls, traditional peasant attire. Each day when the ferry, Isle Royale Queen re-enters the harbor on its return trip from Isle Royale National Park, the wait staff go outside on the patio, toll a bell & perform a “can can” style dance to greet the returning passengers.

Don ordered one of the days specials. A grilled Whitefish wrapped in bacon & basted with ginger sauce, steamed young tender vegetables, hot German potato salad & the garden salad with the house dressing, creamy bacon. I had the bacon wrapped filet mignon, the same sides except I had a salad of local field greens & blueberries served with bleu cheese crumbles & balsamic vinaigrette. The meal is served with fresh hot rolls & a seasoned olive oil dipping sauce. We topped it off with a dessert for two. Hot Bilberry cobbler served with a bourbon spiked cream. The Bilberries are picked locally.

Our thoughts…….DON’T let the outside appearance of the restaurant sway you NOT to eat here. Although the meal was a tad pricey, $98 including tip. It was hands down one of THE finest meals we’ve ever eaten.

Don loves fish & has ordered it in many fine restaurants as far north as Thunder Bay, Ontario & as far south as Georgetown, Grand Cayman, he proclaimed this to be the best he’s had. My filet was cooked to perfection, medium rare. It was so tender I could cut into it with my fork.

Oh, & the dessert…..FABULOUS!

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………………….

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One thought on “First Day of August Already

  1. I think everyone is surprised that August is upon us…my how time does fly! July was just a blur.

    Now that sounds like my kind of meal…especially the dessert!

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