Eagle Harbor


After driving 30 miles to the nearest diesel selling station, a bonehead mistake on our behalf, we spent most of the day exploring Eagle Harbor & the bays to either side.


The town of Eagle Harbor was settled by copper prospectors in 1844 & later became headquarters for many of the area copper mines. Nowadays it’s a quiet tourist town with a nice beach area.

IMG_8793                    Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, built in 1871 & still in use today, perches on a rocky outcropping in the harbor. It is the focal point of this village.

Society of St. John Monestary

Society of St. John Monastery on the shores of Lake Superior

IMG_8799       IMG_8853       IMG_8800

The Jampot

The Jampot

South of town is the Society of St. John monastery. The monks operate a small bakery across the way called Jampot. It’s known far & wide for its jams, jellies & tempting treats. It’s most popular item is the Wild Thimbleberry jam. At $12 for a 9 ounce jar, it’s the priciest jam they sell. We bought 2. One for us & one for my mother. The monk who waited on us was a very jolly man, I liked him immediately. I wanted to take his picture but wasn’t sure if it was permitted. I didn’t want to insult him by asking.

Lakeshore Preserve          Agate hunting at Lakeshore Preserve          IMG_8850

Between Eagle Harbor & the Jampot lies Sandy Bay, a mecca for agate hunters. We spent quite some time here.Of course Don had to check out the agates at Joseph & Mary Lizzardo Lakeshore Preserve as well. He’s getting a hefty collection. I wonder what he plans to do with all of them???

Esery Bay


Esery Bay


Esery Bay

Halfway between Eagle Harbor & Copper Harbor is a roadside park named Esery Bay. It has a scenic lookout of the rugged unspoiled Lake Superior coast. The panoramic views are worth the stop.Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world at 31,700 square miles.


Back at the Suite Pea we relaxed in the warmth of the day, reading & napping. All this fresh air makes one sleepy.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………………….

IMG_8837 IMG_8856 IMG_8809 IMG_8845

IMG_8767 A bell bouy without the bell IMG_8770 IMG_8774

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