A Perfect Final Day

Monday morning dawned with nary a cloud in the sky & plenty of sunshine. With the mild low 70’s temps it was the perfect day to get out & see some sights.

Looking down on Agate Falls

Looking down on Agate Falls

IMG_8676     IMG_8669     IMG_8682

We headed south to view Agate Falls. The photo on the travel brochure enticed us to go. We were disappointed by what we found. There is a path that will lead you to the top of Agate Falls but with the viewing platform at an angle, you couldn’t see the falls in its entirety. To scramble down the steep pathless slope for a better view, one needed to be a mountain goat.

Bond Falls

Bond Falls

IMG_8705   IMG_8714   IMG_8728

IMG_8693   IMG_8733   IMG_8715

Keeping our fingers crossed that the next set of falls we visited would be more accessible, we continued further south to Bond Falls & we were richly rewarded. Bond Falls is considered to be Michigan’s second most impressive waterfall next to Tahquamenon Falls. Bond Falls drop 40′ & span a width of 100 plus feet. The falls cascade over multiple ledges of Nonesuch rock making them look like a series of steps.


It still being early in the day, Don decided we’d all go to Union Bay to search for agates along the rock strewn Lake Superior shoreline. But first a stop for lunch at Porkie’s Pub & Grub in Silver City. Don ordered the Silver City burger with sweet potato fries while I had the Lumberjack burger with homemade chips. The burgers were served on  ciabatta rolls & everything was delicious. We were pleasantly surprised & told our waiter who doubled as our cook  as much. We learned that he had attended the Army’s culinary school while in the service. I told him the army had come a long way from the Shit on a Shingle & soup beans with ham hocks that I remembered  as an army brat. He laughed & assured me they had.


Patterns in the sand

Patterns in the sand

A baseball bat buried in the sand?

A baseball bat buried in the sand?

It was a nice day for strolling the beach doing the “Keweenaw Stoop” looking for agates but alas, we only found one. We’ll have more opportunities to search though as Tuesday we’ll be moving further north up the Keweenaw Peninsula to its northernmost town of Copper Harbor & all of the agate beaches that Keweenaw has to offer.

IMG_8747   IMG_8750   IMG_8751   IMG_8753

Back at the Suite Pea Don prepared our fire pit to make a dutch oven deep dish pizza. It was his first attempt at this & he did a mighty fine job of it. We’ll definitely be trying other varieties in the future.

IMG_8654          IMG_8648

Our last evening in Ontonagon, we were given a lovely sunset as a departing gift.


Short travel day to Copper Harbor. Those are the best. We’re camped at Fanny Hooe (pronounced Ho) Resort & Campground on Lake Fanny Hooe. We’ll be here for the next 2 weeks. We have absolutely no Verizon service here. We’re using the campground wifi & its weak & spotty at best so I don’t know how often I will post during our stay.

I thought Fanny Hooe was an unusual name so I did a little research to learn where the name came from. This is what I learned. Legend has it that Fanny Hooe was the sister-in-law of a young officer stationed at Fort Wilkins. She arrived at the fort with Captain William Alburtis family in 1846. Stories of her disappearance vary. Some say she was picking berries outside the fort & was either lost in the nearby forest, killed & eaten by a bear, or she was abducted by an Indian. Other versions say she fell into the lake & drowned. I guess we’ll never know what truly became of Miss Fanny.

Sumac   IMG_8684   IMG_8739

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………….

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One thought on “A Perfect Final Day

  1. I think the falls are beautiful…could almost hear the rushing water that goes along with your pictures.
    Poor Fanny…eaten by a bear or drowned…either way…poor Fanny!

    Your pizza looks yummy! And the sunset absolutely beautiful!

    Enjoy your stay…

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