When the Weather Won’t Cooperate


What does a full timer do with his time when the weather is lousy?  Pretty much what any homeowner would do.


We awoke to gray skies heavy with rain clouds. Expecting them to burst open at any moment we found busy work to do inside the rig. Don had a galley chair that was coming unglued at the corner of the seat so he tackled that while I balanced the checkbook. The rain continued to hold off so with the temperature still being pleasant  we decided to go golfing. Actually Don golfed, I chauffeured him around on the cart & kept him honest on how many strokes he recorded. He scored 41 for 9 holes, not too shabby for a Bogey Golfer. Back at the Suite Pea we moved our camp chairs to our own private little strip of Lake Superior shoreline to watch the waves roll in. It wasn’t too long before cooler temps rolled in with them so we retreated inside.

Don had been periodically getting under the galley sink & dismantling the water faucet whenever the pressure decreased, thinking it was caused by sediment in the line. This time the water ceased altogether. Once again, Don went to work on the faucet. Still nothing. Scratching his head, it finally occurred to him to check our water regulator at the outside tap. Sure enough the dial was fluctuating high, low, high again. He removed it & “Lo & Behold” my faucet was once again in operation. Don surmises that all this time it had been our regulator acting up & not problems with sediment in the system. Of course it’s not wise to run water without a regulator so getting a new one is priority one.

After dinner all hell broke loose in the area. Thunderstorms & a tornado warning, which is unusual in the Upper. We were fortunate as both bypassed us. We did finally get the rain that had threatened all day though.


Much cooler, gusty, intermittent rain, 3 to 4′ rollers out on the lake. Once again we tackled a few inside chores. Don found a True Value Hardware in town that had a regulator we could use in stock. That issue solved. Vents were cleaned, shower stall drain cleaned, menu & grocery shopping list written out. Mundane but necessary nonetheless. Don gave the tv a workout watching old war movies he had recorded. Yes, even full timers can have boring days too. It’s not all sunshine, blue skies & endless sightseeing.


Temps had dropped into the 40’s during the night. Don dug out our electric heater to use in the bedroom & I turned the fireplace on in the sitting area. Then we both crawled back in bed to wait for Suite Pea to get the chill out. Looks like a hot oatmeal breakfast kinda day. Still overcast & weatherman’s calling for a 60% chance of showers. Waves continue to roll in with the wind. Not a sightseeing day today either. Looks like a trip to the local grocers will be the highlight of our day.

Lake Superior agates

Lake Superior agates

Although it persisted to be breezy & dreary, the rain held off, we hiked the paved walking path from the park to the town beach where we searched for agates in the sand. Don did find 3 tiny ones but the crashing waves  had deposited so much new sand upon the shore making it difficult to find any stones at all. Returning to camp, Don lit a fire in the pit. Along about 7 PM, the sun came out & a small patch of blue sky appeared. It was fleeting but we enjoyed it while it lasted. The park is sponsoring a Christmas in July contest this weekend. Many locals & regulars are here & have decorated their campers & sites. A few really went all out. Every site gets one vote for who they feel did the best decorating. The winner gets 3 nights free camping. Nice deal! Don, Tucker & I strolled through the park selecting our favorite then cast our vote at the camp host’s site. We voted for site #35. They were singing Christmas carols while sitting around their campfire. That clinched it for us.


And yet again. Cloudy skies, gusting wind, big wave action on the water. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. It’s like the movie Groundhog’s Day. We’re Bill Murray & we must keep repeating the previous day until we get it right.

Todays line up is the laundromat followed by a visit to the local True Value store to get gas for the grill. Such excitement! Be still my beating heart.

Drizzled all day long. The only good thing is all our chores are done. The weatherman is promising us better days ahead. We sure hope so.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………..

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One thought on “When the Weather Won’t Cooperate

  1. A couple of rainy days are nice. I like just doing nothing or getting things done like you mentioned. Glad you got the sink faucet problem fixed.
    It’s funny you mentioned the Christmas carols…I catch myself humming jingle bells sometimes. Glad you voted for them!

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