Clyde’s Drive-In & Don’s Sea Eagle Mishap

Tomorrow is our last full day at Trout Lake Campground. That meant tackling the laundry & grocery shopping today. I learned in order to get Don’s help with laundry, bribe him with food. Works every time!

So todays food joint of choice is Clyde’s Drive-In. It’s tradition for us to eat there at least once when we’re in the U.P. Once is usually about all we can handle as the “The Big C” can tide you over for a day or two all by itself.


Clyde’s Drive-In’s are a small chain. Each is individually owned. The original drive-in is the St. Ignace Clyde’s. It opened in 1949. Some time during the 70’s,  two other Clyde’s opened, one in Sault Ste. Marie, the other in Manistique. Voted Michigan’s #1 burger, the Big C is big enough to feed a  family of four. Ok I may be exaggerating a little bit but the 3/4 pound triple patty, custom-made burger on a steamed bun is a mouthful.

The drive up menu. The carhops once wore roller skates.

The drive up menu. The carhops once wore roller skates.

If burgers aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other items listed on the menu. However we cannot vouch for any of them as we have never consumed anything else on the menu. After all we’ve only been coming here for 42 years you know.

There's always a crowd at Clyde's but it's worth the wait.

There’s always a crowd at Clyde’s but it’s worth the wait.

IMG_8481               IMG_8479

Why this drive-in has not been featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives is beyond us. Surely Guy has heard of Clyde’s. Everyone in Michigan has.

Open wide!

Open wide!

Now to change the subject,

we had read blogs written by other full time rvers touting the Sea Eagle boats they have. Sea Eagle’s are inflatable, perfect for an rver. They come in a variety of styles & sizes, from kayaks to fishing boats to sailboats. Since we both enjoy fishing we thought this would be the perfect solution for us because we don’t feel that pulling a boat behind the rig is a good idea. I know people do it but Don & I agree, we felt for safety & the added stress on the truck, it just wasn’t a practicable. So we made the purchase of a Sea Eagle.

We just might be the only full timers that feel this way but we haven’t been happy with our “boat”. The other blogs made them sound so easy to inflate & have in the water in no time. We have found ours to be time consuming & cumbersome. Also, once we’ve added our rods, tackle, anchor, trolling motor & battery in with the 2 of us, there really wasn’t much room for us to maneuver in & reaching items could be awkward.

Don is a good swimmer & has no qualms about being out on the water in what amounts to little more than a dingy. I on the other hand am not a good swimmer & prefer to have the safety of a solid boat around me. The way the seats sit on top of the inflatable’s sides doesn’t offer me the security I desire, nor is the bench style seat sturdy as it is held in place only by roping. One trip out for me was enough. Don had been trying to make do with it though even with the disadvantages,


last night. That was the last straw. The advertisement & directions on our particular model state it can accommodate a small sized motor & provides a rear transom on which to mount it. Don felt from the very beginning that it wasn’t a very secure mount setup. He even added cable ties to try to make it more secure. Well, while he was out on the lake fishing, he reached to retrieve his tackle box sitting out in front, & the still running motor came off the mount. It now lies at the bottom of Carp Lake. It was after this event that Don learned the boat wasn’t easy to row either, especially when you’re on the other side of the lake.

We’re disappointed. Our Sea Eagle was a costly mistake. Looks like we’ll be doing our fishing from shore or renting a boat when we can.

On the other hand, our son-in-law & oldest grandson are thrilled to have “inherited” a “fishing boat.”

Here’s lookin’ at you kid…………….

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4 thoughts on “Clyde’s Drive-In & Don’s Sea Eagle Mishap


    Glad to hear you’re doing well other than the boat mishap.

    • Hey Mike,

      We having the time of our lives. I never knew you could have lake front property for less than $25 a day……………….thanks again for your hard work. Without it we would never have realized our retirement dreams….


  2. Clyde’s Drive-In makes a mean looking burger! We love places like that, but you are so right…it might be days before we eat again! I have no willpower for burgers and fries!
    I am so sorry to hear about the “boat” troubles. We bought an inflatable boat from ll bean last year…never blew it up…gave it away when we were in Moab a few weeks ago. Don’t know what got into us! Well, there are lots of parks on lakes that offer canoes, etc. Much easier and safer for us non swimmers!

    Have a great week!

    • We were told that when we first start out in this lifestyle we were going to make some bad choices & some would be costly.They said just to strike them up as lessons learned. They were right, we have & we did. Hopefully there won’t be anymore.(HAH) It will be nice to have that extra storage space back when we drop off the boat with the kids next month. Be safe in your travels. We truly are enjoying all the scenic photos you post.

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