A Relaxing Day at Camp & Tucker’s Birthday Celebration


We awoke to a cloudless azure blue sky with abundant sunshine & comfortable temps. What a perfect day to spend around camp relaxing & soaking up the rays. After a leisurely breakfast we took a 3 mile stroll through the park & along the shore. After which Don decided to head over to the driving range & hit a bucket of balls. The family that owns & operates this facility also own the golf course. They offer discounted fees to the campers. A great deal for Don. I made use of my time alone by downloading photos to Picasa, catching up on correspondence & reading. I do enjoy my down time. When Don returned we took a nice long bicycle ride. Don grilled a couple of thick pork chops for dinner while I put together a hearty salad with veggies I’d purchased from a corner farm market. Days just don’t get much better than this.

A true Michigan wine.

A true Michigan wine.




Near dusk, the 3 of us took our camp chairs & a bottle of Leelanau Cellars Cherry wine, walked out to the point & watched the sun set over Mackinaw City & Lake Michigan. We were joined by an older gentleman who said he’d been coming here to this park 2-3 times a year for the last 30 years. The first 20 years were with his wife. They would walk out to the point to watch the sunset every night of their stay. She had passed away 10 years ago but he still comes faithfully in remembrance of her. What a love he must’ve had for his wife. We wished him well & walked back to our site. Don made us a campfire & as the sky darkened, a multitude of stars appeared. We sat in our chairs, heads tilted back & just gazed. It had been a long time since we’d seen so many clusters of stars. We even spotted 2 satellites & a shooting star. Quick! Make a wish!  About midnight, the 2 of us walked back to the point. It was so quiet & pitch black on the path. I had told Don about how pretty the bridge looked lit up at night, he had never seen it in the dark. He agreed. It was lovely,  & thanked me for sharing it with him.

IMG_8290          IMG_8293

IMG_8292          IMG_8291


Entrance to Fort Michilimackinac

Entrance to Fort Michilimackinac

Don & Tucker on the grounds of the fort. Big Mac in the background.

Don & Tucker on the grounds of the fort. Big Mac in the background.

Today is our golden boys’  7th birthday! We wanted to do something special with our four-legged child. We’d read that Fort Michilimackinac was a pet friendly place. Tuck loves to go for walks with us & where else better than a walk through history along the Lake Michigan shoreline. He was the only dog in attendance so he didn’t have to share the limelight with anyone else’s fur baby. Tucker was delighted with all the pets & happy birthday wishes he received but not so much when the cannon fired. The visit with  2 lovely young ladies cooking a fish dinner at the merchant’s house did help distract him from the activities going on outside on the parade grounds.

A voyageurs camp.

A voyageurs camp.

Preparing a meal.

Preparing a meal.

The blacksmith's workshop

The blacksmith’s workshop

Fort Michilimackinac was constructed by French soldiers in 1715. The fortress served as a  fur trading center for the Northwest as the Straits were a vital & active hub for the voyageurs of the period. In 1761 the British took control of the fort following their conquest of French Canada. Fearing attacks from American rebels, the fort was abandoned & another fort was established on Mackinac Island in 1780.

IMG_8318          IMG_8314

IMG_8326          IMG_8311

The latrine. Tried my darndest to get Don to demonstrate but he just wouldn't cooperate.

The latrine. Tried my darndest to get Don to demonstrate but he just wouldn’t cooperate.

Archaeologists began excavations here in 1959 & continue to this day. The goal is to reconstruct the fort to its original appearance of the 1770’s. They are presently digging at a site just north of the parade grounds. This particular dig began 6 years ago & a spokesperson stated to us that they anticipated it would be another 6 years before it would be complete. No wonder when the only implements they are using are trowels & shifters. What a back-breaking, painstaking  labor of love for history.

The excavation

The excavation

Inside a wigwam at the Indian encampment.

Inside a wigwam at the Indian encampment.

After enjoying some period song & dance from the re-enactors, we made our way into town for some cooling refreshments. The birthday celebration kind. Ice cream all around. Tucker of course finished his well ahead of us & wanted the rest of ours too. Upon our arrival back to the Suite Pea, our sweet boy leapt up on the bed where the fan could blow on him, laid his head on my pillow & started sawing wood. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

IMG_8346          IMG_8347

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………….

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One thought on “A Relaxing Day at Camp & Tucker’s Birthday Celebration

  1. That is soooo sweet! Tucker is one lucky pup as you are lucky to have him too. What a great birthday he had…

    The sunset on the lake was so pretty…and peaceful!

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