A Long Day of Travel

Yesterday was a long travel day for us. We were up at 6 AM & on the road by 7. We had 106 miles to drive to Edon, Ohio to have new tires & rims mounted on the Suite Pea. Although we didn’t have very many miles on our existing tires & we religiously kept them covered except when traveling, they were 5 years old & that was a concern for us.  We’d also been reading a lot of  reviews from others who have a DRV Mobile Suite like ours, many have been experiencing blowouts from their 16″ wheels. Reason being, weight. DRV’s are notoriously heavy. They are one of the heaviest fifth wheels built. Seems those folks who’ve updated their old 16″ tires to the 17.5″ tires are faring better. The 17.5″ can better handle the weight. We are terrified of ever having a blowout, ergo the new tires.

After having the tires & rims mounted, we were back on the road. Destination, the family property in Kalkaska, Michigan. Another 269 miles of road to travel. It’s not the best RV site, it’s close to other family members units, we can’t open our awning due to the trees & our satellite dish won’t work, also because of the trees, but it is a full hookup with 50 amp & best of all, IT’S FREE! Free is good. Free is great.

Don’t know how long we’ll be here. We’re playing that by ear but I’m sure it’ll be after the Fourth of July holiday before moving on.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………………

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