It’s a Small World Afterall


Leslie likes Calder Dairy’s milk & ice cream so much so that she makes a special trip out of her way to their bottling plant just to buy their wholesome dairy products.

Quite by accident Don & I discovered that the Calder Dairy Farm is only about 2 miles from the campground where we are parked.

Calder’s is a true working family farm. It was established in 1946, the intent was to deliver fresh dairy products to local homes which they still do to this day, in recyclable glass bottles. (Just like the old days). The farm is open to the public for tours 7 days a week.

We decided to take Leslie & Ava for a tour. We thought Ava would really enjoy seeing all the farm animals & did she ever!

IMG_0650     IMG_0664

She saw horses, cattle, asses, pigs, peacocks, & even a Texas Longhorn. There were goats, sheep, ponies, rabbits & calves to pet. She quickly learned that one young calf had a face cleaning licker that was even faster than Tuckers. Ava got the biggest kick out of that.

The horse is just about your speed grandpa.

The mule is just about your speed grandpa.

Ava chased after the baby geese until mama goose hissed “no more.” This was a good time to take Ava into the dairy’s on sight ice cream parlor for a treat. Calder Dairy offers 34 flavors, making a decision difficult. We each came away with a different selection.


It was wonderful to be able to share Ava’s first time experience with farm denizens.


While taking our morning stroll around the rv park, we spied a motorhome with a welcome sign out front with the names Bernie & Carol Patton. Hmmm. Didn’t we meet a Bernie & Carol at the Escapee Escapade 5 years ago & again at the Tri Chapter rally 2 years ago. Uhuh-Uhuh. But aren’t they from Michigan? These plates are from Florida–better keep walking. Second time around, “Oh look, there’s an Escapee emblem in the window. Wait a sec, isn’t that Carol looking out?” “It sure is!” Carol & Bernie came out to greet just as we were approaching their door. Hugs all around. (The traditional Escapee hello & good-bye.) We enjoyed a pleasant visit until it was time to head to Leslie & Jeff’s. And yes, they were originally from Michigan but as full timers they recently selected Florida as their domicile state.

IMG_8038     IMG_8040

IMG_0674     IMG_8043

The kids had tickets to the Detroit Tiger game for the 4 of us. Being big fans, Don & I were looking forward to going. Jeff had gotten ahold of great seats. Right field, second row back from the rail. Home run area. Shortly after getting our drinks & settling into our seats, I posted a status update on Facebook. Whoa, what’s this? A status update from my cousin Michelle. She & Scott were at the ballpark too. Furious texting ensued. With section & row in hand, Don & I went in search of them. More hugs & kisses all around. I can’t recall the last time we’d seen Scott & Mickey. 3 years ago? Maybe 4?

My cousin Scott with his lovely bride Michelle.

My cousin Scott with his lovely bride Michelle.

What a great day! Partly sunny, comfortable temps, an outing with our kids, a Tiger win, renewing an rv friendship, & an unexpected meeting with family. I reiterate, what a great day!


Chief fire starter & tender

Chief fire starter & tender

We hosted a cookout & campfire with Jeff, Leslie & Ava at our site. Don grilled up some beer brats which I served with Chinese coleslaw, watermelon & chips. Ava provided the entertainment. She is a content child with a happy disposition.

IMG_8047     IMG_8048

We’ve enjoyed this past week spent with our daughter & her family. Tomorrow we’ll start preparing to move again.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid………………………………

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