A Change in Perception

Our first holiday weekend spent as full time rvers & I must say that our perception of the 3 day Summer holiday weekend is changed.



Long before we became fulltimers, back when we were still pencil pushers, the 3 & sometimes 4 day Summer holiday weekend was something we looked forward to almost reverently. We would have made our plans & reservations weeks in advance. The week prior to the holiday would have been spent in preparation of the event. If camping, the tent, or later the pop-up would have been rain guard treated if needed, or cleaned. The food, camping gear & clothing would all be packed. Kids & the family dog would be loaded into the vehicle & off we’d go on a fun family adventure. And inevitably, on the last day of the holiday we’d be filled with dread because we knew that our outing would be coming to an end & we’d be back at work the following day.




The 3 day Memorial weekend is coming to an end. OH JOY!!! The weekend warriors are all packing up & reluctantly heading out. That means we who remain will once again enjoy the quiet solitude our surroundings have to offer. We can once again hear the singing of the birds & the croaking of the night peepers instead of the loud bass thumping music of the campers down the road or the constant yipping of little Fido & his companion next door. No longer will the dust from the road be consistently in motion from the high volume of traffic cruising in & out, &  in & out of the campground. No longer do we look to that last day with dread, instead we are elated.



Isn’t it amazing how a lifestyle change can bring an about-face on a situation?

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………

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