We’re Empty Nesters Again

Our daughter Bobbi headed down state yesterday. Vacation was over & it was back to the old grind again for her today. We enjoyed having her stay with us for most of the past 9 days. ( She took 2 days to return home to help her sister with a fundraiser & to see her sister-in-law visiting from Oklahoma, then she returned).

We spent a lot of time just relaxing, enjoying the beautiful weather & each others company.


Laundry day, followed by our traditional laundry day lunch out. We took Bobbi to Chicago Joe’s for an authentic Chicago-style hotdog. Then gave her a short tour of the historic district, which included a trip to the local bakery. Ever notice how all the Amish towns have one or more bakeries? Our truck can’t seem to pass one by either.


We headed to the Pigeon River Wildlife Preserve in Mongo to find fishing sites as well as keeping our eyes peeled for deer. We did see 3 but didn’t react fast enough to get any pictures. Bobbi headed home on Friday afternoon. She needed to be in Bloomington bright & early Saturday morning to assist her oldest sibling Kristi with a pancake breakfast fundraiser. The fundraiser was very important to our entire family as it was being held to help our grandson with medical expenses for his bipolar disorder. He had been excepted into a clinical study in New York city & the expenses for the trips, SKYPE conferencing, doctor & Ketamine treatment were more than Kristi & her husband Jason can afford. (I am elated to say that the fundraiser was a huge success.) Bobbi then headed to Illinois to visit with her sister-in-law from Oklahoma who was staying with family in IL. She returned to us on Sunday night to finish out the last 2 days of her vacation.


I took Bobbi to see the Menno-Hof museum in Shipshewana. She’s had many questions about the Amish & Mennonite lifestyles. Don & I were able to answer most but a few had even us guessing. The Menno-Hof offers an educational tour into the life & history of the Amish & Mennonite people. Even explaining the differences within the Amish, Beachy Amish, Hutterites, Mennonites & Conservative Mennonite communities. We both walked away with new perspectives.


The day Bobbi had been waiting for. (I’m almost certain that this is the real reason she came for a visit & NOT that she missed her mom & dad like she said). It was the Shipshewana Auction & Flea Markets’ opening day. Don & I had been here before so we knew what to expect but for Bobbi it was a big disappointment. Not at all what she had pictured in her mind. But then again, she’d never been to a flea market before. We did take her out to eat afterwards to the Auction Restaurant, a local favorite. Of course we topped the meal off with delicious fresh baked pie. All too soon, it was time for Bobbi to leave.

Don & I both agreed it was wonderful having Bobbi with us & we already miss her. We’re looking forward to visiting with more family soon.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid……………………….

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