Don, Easy and Cheap!

Yep, you read the header right. My dear husband can be bought.

Every time laundry day rolls around, it’s a chore. I no longer have the convenience of having a washer & dryer at hand. So once a week, it’s strip the bed, gather the rugs & towels, sort the clothes into separate laundry totes, lug them, the cleaning supplies &  several rolls of quarters out to the truck. Then drive to the laundromat, lug everything inside, wash, dry, fold, put everything back into the laundry totes, lug it all back into the truck, back into the trailer, etc., etc,. etc. A couple of extra hands sure would come in handy, especially to haul the heavier items. Whoa, hold on a sec, I DO have an extra pair of idle hands around here now, but he’ll need some motivation & after 30 years together, I DO know how to induce Don into cooperating. It’s through his stomach.

“Honey, if you’ll come help me with the laundry, I’ll buy you lunch.” It worked! Now it’s a regular weekly occurrence. Yea!

La Grange street mural

La Grange street mural

I locate a laundromat in the nearby town of LaGrange. Don researches the local eateries & finds one that starts his taste buds to salivating. Welcome to Chicago Joe’s.


Situated on the main drag through town, catty corner from the county courthouse in the historic district. After losing his job in Chicago during the recession, moving to Indiana to take another job & having that one go bust also due to the recession, Joe Albergo & his wife, Cheryl, opened the Chicago-style hotdog & pizza joint because he missed his Chicago food so much, & the timing was right.


It’s housed in an old corner building with a tin ceiling & well-worn hardwood floors. This place reeks with charm. The menu is simple. The signature dish is the Gene & Jude’s Classic. A beef dog with natural casing. “They snap when you bite into ’em!” And mustard, relish, onions, hot peppers, deli pickles, tomato slices & home-cut fries over top. All served in a poppy seed bun. Authentic & delicious!

The Gene & Jude's Classic

The Gene & Jude’s Classic

If you’re ever in the area, stop in. You’ll find the owners & wait staff are friendly, down to earth folks. Oh yeah, tell them Don & Gayle sent you.

Tell 'em Gayle & Don sent you

Tell ’em Gayle & Don sent you

Here’s looking at you kid…………………….

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