Ups and Downs

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We took our Suite Pea to the DRV factory for some repair work. We’ve had ongoing issues with the bedroom slide since we purchased our rig in “08. Each time they’ve worked on it, the operation of it has improved, but this time I think they finally got ‘er right. We had a few other minor repairs we needed as well. As much as we hate taking the time out to have repair work done, it is a necessary evil. After all, it’s just nuts & bolts holding her together & jostling down the road frequently is bound to loosen a few screws. We agree though that DRV always treats us right. They supply us with a 50 amp hookup in their parking lot & also have potable water available to fill our fresh water tank if needed. There’s even a security guard on site at night. It’s free for us to utilize all the while they are working on our rv. There’s a lounge inside for our comfort with comfortable seating & a large screen tv. We’ve never had a surly employee to deal with & they have consistently gone above & beyond with their customer service. We left there feeling very satisfied.



during the process of breaking camp to get ourselves over to DRV, our Winegard tv satellite motor froze up. Don had to climb onto the roof to manually lower the antenna. We are presently trying to find a Winegard distributor in the area who can get us up & running again. We are a bit perturbed since the unit is only 8 months old. Fortunately it’s still under warranty, nothing out of pocket but plenty of aggravation.

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On the bright side though, we have the best site in all of Grand View Bend. In the morning we can sit at the table having breakfast & see deer in the field across from us. Tucker has plenty of open space to romp without being leashed & the chippies are keeping him amused. They are all over the place. There are Amish farms nearby so we often hear the lowing of the cows in the evening & the rooster crowing come morning.

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The campground is situated on the scenic Pigeon River. Not quite pretty yet but with the promise of Spring some of the plant life along the banks are starting to bud. I visit it daily to view the progress. It’s said to be a good fishing river, teeming with trout, smallmouth & largemouth. Don can’t wait to get his rod out, he’s always been an avid bass fisherman. Looking forward to being able to just kicking back to relax soon.

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Here’s looking at you kid…………………………

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