The Land of Whoopie Pies

We started our travels with a short drive of only 187 miles . Our goal was a favorite campground in an area of Indiana that we both love to visit, the Amish area of the north. We opted to begin our travels here because this is the birthplace of our Suite Pea & Suite Pea has an appointment scheduled for a few repairs. We also like to camp at Grand View Bend, an off the beaten path rv park. It’s quite, has abundant wildlife nearby, situated on the beautiful Pigeon River; which is also noted for great fishing, & we can’t beat the excellent rates we get due to the discount clubs we belong to. This will be the perfect spot to wait on Don’s pension glitch to get straightened out.

Yes Houston, we have a problem. Not to go into too much detail but there was an error  in the filing of Don’s pension papers. Although the error was committed by a General Motors pension clerk, & they readily admit the fault was theirs, Don was required to start at square one again. This means he will be retired for at least 2 months before his pension income kicks in. We decided it would be in our best interest to sit tight somewhere & wait for everything to be resolved.

Now we’re not saying that this area is perfect, even it has a few flaws. We arrived at Grand View Bend just as they opened for the season. Not everything is up & running to perfection yet. This is only an electric & water hookup park. In order to keep from having to use the dump station frequently, we thought we’d take our showers at the bath house. That’s a very minor inconvenience IF one has hot water in which to shower. Needless to say we don’t linger while bathing. In fact, I’ve learned what a naval shower is. Also, not having the stamina to endure this type of showering daily, I’ve opted for the whores bath every other day. Now those who know me well, know that this is roughing it for me.

The second flaw is the close proximity to Amish bakeries. You see Don has a great weakness for pumpkin whoopie pies, an Amish speciality. This causes Don to  complain to me incessantly that I am intentionally shrinking his clothes. I could go blue in the face trying to explain the correlation to him between whoopie pie binges & clothing that doesn’t fit but he will hear none of it.

I will post some pictures later as the weather hasn’t been very cooperative for photo taking.

Here’s looking at you kid…………………………………

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