Hustle and Bustle

It has been quite a week for the two of us.

Upon returning from South Dakota, we had only nine days to take care of everything we needed/wanted to get accomplished before pulling out of Lake Haven RV Retreat…..FINALLY.

We wanted to touch bases with our family doctor &  Tucker’s vet. Don cleaned out & reorganized the pass-thru & storage bins. They’d gotten a bit out of hand from sitting too long in one place. I stocked up on a few items I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to purchase readily in some of the areas we’d be in. We gave the truck & the Suite Pea a thorough scrubbing inside & out. Topped off the LP tanks. Submitted an address change to everyone & for everything. Met with our financial advisor & well, you get the picture.

The highlight of our week though was the family pitch-in dinner that our daughter Bobbi-Leigh & son-in-law Dennis hosted  at their home. Bratz, chicken & burgers on the grill. Pasta & fruit salads, chips & for dessert Bobbi had made both, chocolate-covered strawberries & Angel cake with mixed berries, whipped topping & ice cream. I for one ate too much. Temps were in the mid 60’s so it was pleasant to sit & visit on their front patio.

It’s hard leaving behind my mother & even harder, my daughters & grandchildren. Our youngest is still struggling with us heading out & that bothers me. I know in my heart though that we cannot live our lives for nor through our children. I also give thanks to God for giving us a new dream to pursue at this stage in our lives & for providing us with the means to do so.

We begin our adventure in the morning. I know two people who are going to find it hard to sleep tonight.

Here’s looking at you kid………………………………..

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One thought on “Hustle and Bustle

  1. Anonymous

    Good luck on your adventure and have fun. Drive safe. Give Tucker a big hug from Jackson.

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