We Do Get Around

Michiganders, Hoosiers, South Dakotans

We were born & raised in Michigan then our jobs took us to Indiana & now retirement has led us to South Dakota.

We did our research prior to becoming full time RVers & decided that declaring South Dakota as our domicile state was in our best interests. So into the pick-up we hopped for a whirlwind trek to Sioux Falls.


   One thing we can say for certain about this trip; there sure is a lot of monotonous flat land between Indianapolis & Sioux Falls. With just a little imagination, it was easy to visualize what the land must have looked like to the early pioneers. Miles upon miles of undulating windswept prairie grass for as far as the human eye could see. Desolate. Inhospitable. What had possessed them to settle here? We are grateful for their vision though, for without it, what would “America’s Breadbasket” be like today?

IMG_7443                    IMG_7473

   Some of our trips tedium was broken up by wind farms, rolling hills & a few cattle ranches.


   Upon our arrival to Sioux Falls, we checked into our motel & AHH!!!, a long, hot, luxurious shower. You don’t realize what you miss until you no longer have it. Yes, we do have a decent sized shower stall but the parks’ water pressure isn’t always great & we surely can’t linger too long for either we’ll run out of hot water or our gray tank would overflow.

   We met with the ladies at Alternative Resources. What a wealth of help & information they are! They set up our mail forwarding, steered us in the right direction to get our drivers licenses, took care of plating our truck & 5er, & our voters registrations. Their proficiency took a great load off Don’s mind.IMG_7457                  IMG_7458

IMG_7466                 IMG_0541

   While there we visited the iconic Falls Park in the downtown historic district to view the falls from whence the city took its name. The townspeople should be very proud of the beautiful & inviting park they created around the falls. Likewise for the clean, vibrant, & well-preserved historic district. It was a pleasure strolling around this area & partaking of some of what it had to offer.

   We’ve agreed. We will be returning as there is much we’d like to see & experience in our new home state but next time we’ll be bringing our rolling home on wheels with us.

   Here’s looking at you kid…………………………………………..

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