Thank Goodness I’m a Fast Learner

We’re not even on the road yet & already we’re learning the meaning behind the fulltimers expression, “Our plans are written in Jello”.

We have heard this statement from many a road gypsy & on more than one occasion.

Roughly translated it means–write your plans out in pencil, not ink. One never knows if the weather will cooperate, a health matter could arise, an event is scheduled you want to attend, or any number of things could come up & put a snag in ones plans. So, one shakes up the Jello & changes direction.

Now I am a very organized planner. To “wing it” is not in my vocabulary. This being said, I had a rough idea of where our travels would take us & when for the first year of our life on wheels. (Okay, I know if there are any long term fulltimers reading this, they are rolling on the floor of their rigs, in the throes of a huge belly laugh right now).

We had originally planned to drive to Michigan to visit family then head to South Dakota to explore our new “home” state, then on to Wyoming for an Escapade & to visit a place that is on both our bucket lists, Yellowstone. Our two oldest grandchildren were to fly out & spend a few weeks exploring the beauty of the park with us. However, our grandson’s health has come into play. Not wanting to go on with our plans without him, especially since he was so excited to be going there with us, we shook up the Jello.

We’ll still be visiting Michigan. That hasn’t changed. The rest of the year? Well, we’ll plan that fortuitously.



1) Happening by accident or chance rather than design

2) Happening by lucky chance, fortunate



By the way, our Winter plans have changed as well, but that’s a story for another time.

Here’s looking at you kid…………………………………………………

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