Don Has Knee Surgery

We’ve known for many years that the Day of Reckoning would one day catch up with Don. And it did. With his left knee at least.

Don has had several knee surgeries over the years, a couple on each knee. Last one was in 2007. He had been told that one day he would need to have a total knee replacement in each leg.

Don had been having issues with his left knee for the better part of a year. Buckling was becoming more frequent, swelling & discomfort was a constant companion.

We felt it needed to be addressed before we hit the road. Heaven forbid we’d be somewhere remote where we were unfamiliar with the orthopedic surgeons & he’d need surgery.

At least here in the Indianapolis area we’re practically on a first name basis with the knee (& shoulder) doctors. This, thanks to Don’s eight & Bobbi-Leigh’s (our youngest), four previous operations.

We also know a great therapy facility where we ARE on a first name basis with EVERYONE employed there.

Don’s surgery was performed on Jan. 28. After three days in the hospital, he came home to the 5er to rehab. Therapy is three times a week.

His follow-up appointment with the surgeon went well. Other than the swelling, Don’s progress is right where it should be. His next appointment is March 29. Don is working hard at being 100% by then. His goal is to get the all clear from his doctor, clear medical at work, turn in his badge to terminate his employment, & return to the Suite Pea to pack. Our plans are to be South Dakota bound on the 30th.

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