Yes it is! 2013. The year we’ve long been waiting for.

We began our quest for the Gypsy lifestyle back in 2007. I had accidentally stumbled across a blog on fulltiming & became instantly intrigued. I combed the internet for more info. That’s the life for me I thought. Now I had to get Don on board.

Arming myself with a few articles, I approached Don in his office one day. “Uhn-uh, no way”, said Don. I let it be. That was, until Don left his office for home. I reentered & left the articles in plain sight on his desk, along with a few motorhome & 5th wheel brochures.

Nothing else was said about the subject for several weeks. Then, out of the blue, Don brings it up. He’s interested! He’s been doing a little research on his own.

We spend the next year looking at motorhomes & 5’ers. Weighing the pros & cons of each. What could we comfortably afford? Which would we be most comfortable living in? How well made was the unit?

Fast forward to March 2008. We’ve made our decision. I retire on March 1st after 31 years with General Motors. The following day I drive out to Walnut Ridge RV Sales in New Castle, IN & order a DRV Mobile Suite 36RSSB. Don takes the schematics for the rig to Allison Transmission where he works. He wants to know if GM builds a pick-up truck that can tow the weight of out Suite. He’s advised to buy a Ford. That week we order our 450 pick-up.


We had hoped that in 2 years, 2010, Don would retire. I would have the house emptied out by then, paid off our debts, we’d sell our stick & brick abode & hit the road. Then the economy tanked. It took the housing market along with it.

Diligently we continued to work toward our goal, awaiting for the housing market to rebound.

Fast forward again to May 2012. The house not only sells within 5 days of listing it but we get our full asking price. We close the deal & move into our Suite Pea.

IMG_6895      IMG_6916

Don has submitted his retirement papers. Officially May 1st is his last day of employment with Allison Transmission. However, he’s required to use up any vacation time he has accumulated prior to leaving; that puts his final day of work on March 22.

We will head for South Dakota the following Saturday to proclaim it as our domicile state. We expect to hook-up the rig & pull out of Lake Haven Retreat in mid April into what we hope will be a long, wonderful life as vagabonds.

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One thought on “THIS IS THE YEAR!

  1. you are one tricky lady……………….

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