Our First Christmas in the Suite Pea

Don and I were very fond of decorating our stick and brick house for the holidays.

The day after Thanksgiving we’d always put up two trees, a Disney-themed one in the living room and a “family” one in the den.

Our dining room table always held a large centerpiece, as did the kitchen table. The side counter in the kitchen would host a Disney Christmas display, a wreath with garland would festoon the family room fireplace.

Don’s continuously growing Christmas Towne would adorn several areas in our home. One might find Main Street under the tree, a wedding being held in the chapel on a kitchen shelf, possibly a fishing village complete with lighthouse setting on the hunt-board.

The outside of the house, well, that was an ever changing display of lights, nativities and various secular lawn decorations. You get the picture.

Friends who’ve visited with us in our home during the holidays and now in the Suite Pea ask how are we going to celebrate Christmas in the fifth wheel? Simply, I say.

Gone is the attic filled with box after box of Christmas decorations.  Now all of our ornaments and such are stored inside our one travel suitcase under the bed. It holds just enough to decorate our humble abode with memories from Christmases past.

There’s the gingerbread man that our oldest daughter made when she was 6 years old. It hung prominently on every Christmas tree for 32 years. Now it’s displayed on my desk. (It just wouldn’t be Christmas without it).

IMG_7263            IMG_7264

The nesting Santa dolls that all the grandchildren enjoyed playing with are also setting on the desktop.

We have a compact Nativity to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.

IMG_7260         IMG_7262

There are favorite candlestick holders that once sat on the mantle at the stick and brick that presently sit above the Suite Pea’s “fireplace”.

IMG_7252 - Copy          IMG_7255 - Copy

And our youngest graciously gave us the lighted tree she had from her college days to complete the package.

Last but not least, although it broke Don’s heart to give up his beloved Christmas Towne, he’s found something new to build upon. Welcome to the beginnings of Christmas Trailerhood.

IMG_7257        IMG_7256

May God Bless you and your families this Christmas and in the coming New Year.

Here’s looking at you kid…………………………………………………..

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